A being beyond comprehension knocks on your door. Strange but recognizable, this entity holds out the equivalent of its hand and opens it. Cradled inside are freedom, truth, passion, and pure energy – pure consciousness. The foreign guest speaks to you, not in words, but still you know the message: do you want this?
This is Now.

Now was born from the joy and pain not of an alien but of an Allen – Allen Childs, to be exact. After falling into loving obsession with music via John Williams and Michael Jackson (the latter fixation complete with “SHA-mone” and crotch-grabbing imitations), he caught the tail end of the grunge era, thanks to some older friends, in 1994. Crucially, around the same time he received the priceless gift of Led Zeppelin from his father. The guitar itself became Allen’s companion in 2001 (the actual year, not the brilliant SK comedy film.) Eventually, many moons as a troubled philosophy major in the then-horrifying-to-him city of New York drove him toward the only conclusion life allowed him. In mid-2017, a more spiritually centered Allen Childs joined forces with his music school friends and colleagues to form Now. Ever since, Now has churned out songs built on the legacy of jam bands, classic and 90’s rock, and much more, always seeking to cut to the heart of what life really means, often with dry wit or playfulness that hopes to endear. Love.