Now is:

-what I pretentiously describe as “Real Music”: a ceaseless quest for authenticity across our sound, lyrics, recording style, visual presentation, online presence, and audience interaction, an approach that pushes us “back to the future” by embracing certain features of the legendary music of more inspiring days and thereby contributes to a new era of art that actually contributes meaningfully to society
-a mixture of accessible, catchy songs and technically advanced improvisational jams
-witty, philosophical lyrics that take on both the most serious of classic song topics as well as unconventional themes, with a combination of sincerity and absurd weirdness
-real, actual musical instruments actually played by real humans
-tasteful production: professional and high level yet far more alive and raw than the perfectly polished blinding sheen of the music-by-numbers-and-focus-group of today’s typical pop—somewhere between perfection and lo-fi
-a provocative edge of questioning everything balanced by a loving spirituality that celebrates the unity of all people and things


In 1991, at my five year-old self’s behest, my angelic parents checked out a movie called Star Wars from the local library, and I fell in love with the soaring crescendos of John Williams. Shortly thereafter, thanks solely to generous introductions by my elders who loved me, the passionate funk of Michael Jackson, the torment and intensity of early Pearl Jam, and the power and sexuality of Led Zeppelin followed. A rabid athlete and devoted scholar, I finally picked up a guitar of my own when temporarily sidelined from sports by a major injury at 15. Twelve years later, with no career, flailing in the wake of a young adulthood graced by infinite potential but plagued by a hellscape of mental health problems and a coming-of-age quarter-life crisis I barely survived, I stared into the void and everything changed. The pain of wasting my life became greater than my fear of living it, and, among other major shifts and decisions, I finally answered music’s call wholeheartedly. All of that led us to Now.

Now comprises: Allen Childs (vocals, guitar, writing), John Lewis (keyboards, vocals), Dave D’Aranjo (bass), and Mike Kane (drums)